Allow people to buy more than 2 boxes of Paracetamol

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The NHS spends large sums of money in prescribing medication that can be bought over the counter cheaply. As such doctors have started asking patients to buy their own medications such as Paracetamol.

The problem with this is that you are only able to buy small quantities, 2 boxes of 16 in most shops. Whilst this amount may be fine for a small issue such as an infrequent headache, it is not sufficient for longer lasting issues. It isn't feasible to go to many shops in one trip, or go to the same shop every day just to get the pain medication you need.

A solution to this would be card that could be issued by a patients GP that would allow them to buy certain medications in bulk from a chemist. This would still help to protect vulnerable people from taking an overdose easily, whilst allowing those in pain to obtain their required medication.