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All new MPS elected to government should all identify themselves as secular

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The effect of the power of religion is destabilising global security and affecting all of us in the UK.  In order to remain impartial to any members of any excluded religions, it is only fair that those that govern us are not restricted by the confines of religious teachings and traditions and the archaic concept of 'sin' which is prevalent in all religions.  This would ensure that power of office is held by individuals who have no vested interest in favouring one religion over another, either consciously or subconsciously.   Voters often select their candidates based on mutual religious beliefs.  This causes important pledges and policies to be ignored or overlooked, which affects the democratic process.  While it is crucial to respect those who are religious, and honour their worthy place in British society, it is also crucial that these citizens are represented fairly and impartially in government, and this can only be achieved if those that represent a multi-faith society do so without having to overcome the refracting effect of religion on modern morality.  It is proposed that a petition is presented to the UK government which asks for debate in the Houses of Commons on whether future MPS entering into government identify themselves as secular.

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