All football players to have wage cap

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If the football clubs wont act to save football let us as fans make the difference.

I want the government help to get a wage cap on all players it's now become a joke players are earning over £500,000 a week!! clubs are struggling to compete in the leagues because money talks! Clubs are struggling to survive because the players are wanting so much money paid to them each week which puts the price of tickets up and people these days just can't afford to go to football matches some clubs are paying so much in wages to their players and ending up in debt it's wrong and unfair.

We pay our tax and they don't! you only live once and you have to enjoy it! If we can't afford to go to watch matches or even afford a season ticket because player wages are so high clubs have to put ticket prices up! Over the past few years football stadiums are becoming more empty, the atmosphere is dying and passion is being lost.

Clubs are getting in more and more debt and struggling to pay it off because of greedy players asking for ridiculous salaries. As you can see this is happening all around the country some clubs have even ended up going into administration which ends up with a high court battle and some times the clubs worse of get wound up due to failing to pay tax etc.

If we don't do something about it now nothing will ever be done about it please put an end to the obscene salaries and put a cap on all footballers and make football players have a wage cap of £10,000 a week.