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Affordable rental/social housing for those in need.

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My three children and I were made homeless over a year ago. Since this time we have been continually sofa surfing, moving from one place to another, causing so much unnecessary stress to both my children and myself. I have presented myself to our local council as homeless more times than I care to remember, each time to a barrage of threats of taking my children into care or a complete withdrawal of their so called assistance. This archaic way of treating people in a what we say is a modern society is both unnecessary cruel, inhuman and disgusting.

when I received an eviction notice from my rental property I was informed to stay put and await bailiffs to evict us. Unfortunately due to my seriously depreciating mental health, which reached a stage upon I took a collection of pills to a local nature reserve with the intention of ending my life, it was considered for my own safety that I should no longer continue to live alone and should move in with my parents in a severely overcrowded situation. Now unfortunately according to the heartless system of social housing, I intentionally made myself homeless., taking this decision into account perhaps they would rather I had taken my own less person to help. 

I feel considering I am now aged 45 years and have never asked for a single piece of help from our so called state that both my children and myself have been not only completely let down by our GREAT!! British system but treated unfairly, cruelly with threatening behaviour which wouldn't be tolerated in any other situation in life. I can honestly say I was treated like an animal, in fact if an animal was treated in the way we have, I am sure some kind of custodial sentence would have been enforced.

As a society I feel we need to desperately address this abhorrent situation as a matter of urgency. No human being of any race or creed should be subjected to the cruel and dismissive manner in which my family and myself have been treated.

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