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Add a Vote of No Confidence to Polling Cards

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I often feel when it comes to voting that I am forced to decide on a party when in truth I don't particularly want to vote for any of them.

I don't believe that any current politician with the power to change anything truly represents the best interests of the British people. They are too heavily influenced by money whether that be from other countries, big businesses or the media etc. 

I agree that it's a shame, votes count and shouldn't be wasted but what's the point when you feel the outcome will make no real difference? The feeling that no politician represents your views or will do their best for you undoubtedly leads to people wasting their vote. Roughly between 30 - 40% of people don't vote, the majority of those must be due to them not believing in modern politicians or their policies. 

A box should be added to polling cards to record the number of votes cast which show no confidence in any current political party. A vote of no confidence would show all politicians that a percentage of the population have no faith or trust in them to run our country and hopefully incite some positive change in British politics. 

I for one would be ticking that box. 

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