CAWN - (child abduction warning notice) Make our children safer

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At present a CAWN(child abduction Warning notice) is put in place when there is a threat or concern of the safety of a CHILD from a perpetrator who has commited some form of crime towards a child already hence the need for the CAWN to be placed on the child. CAWN is for vunerable children that are under some form of SOCIAL SERVICES CARE. If the perpatrator is caught in the company of the child PRISON sentencing carries 7yrs so this itself tell you the seriousness of the situation. It's purpose is to protect the child from being put at any form of risk as well as being abducted by the perp.

A CAWN still ALLOWS the perpatrator to be able to contact the child via ANY SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS... Facebook, Insta, Snapchat etc.. the problem with this is in NO WAY is that protection If anything it makes matters worse and put the child in even more IMMINENT DANGER like CHILD SEXUAL EXPLOITATION. A child is already vunearbale and at risk enough for the CAWN to be in place why would you then leave out one of the most prominent ways sexual predators operate in today's society 'SOCIAL MEDIA' 

  • Why was it not the first condition/rule on your agenda.
  • The perpetrator can still CALL the CHILD 
  • The perpetrator can still TEXT the CHILD 

This petition is to get those in charge to amend their policy or their conduct towards such a crime. The amendant we would like to see are as follows:

  • 'No contact via ANY form of SOCIAL MEDIA OR EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY to have NO CONTACT with the CHILD at all... under any circumstances.
  • Amend so that it applies to ALL children not just those under social service provisions 

All the above is only reference to perpatrators that are peodophiles and to those who aren't related to the child in which case the system is whole different matter. 

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