Action Against Child and Parent Alienation.

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Children being alienated from the non residential parent. There is a massive flaw in the system and how it ends up damaging children when they are alienated from the other parent on little more than what was wrote on a court application (C100) because of this, and many other issues I would like to mention but can only speak from my own experience in the family courts.

There are so many children not being able to see the absent parent, usually the father,  after the breakdown of the parents relationship. The children are not at fault so why should they lose out on the relationship they had with the other parent. I and many more like me believe there should be a change in the law to protect children and the abuse they suffer when being alienated from the other parent, some people may think the word 'abuse' is a bit harsh but being controlled is a form of abuse and I know many parents that want to see there kids as do the kids want to see their parents , The courts dont meet with the child or even have a picture of said child in front of them, yet they make decisions based on say so, so the platform (courts) serves to make the non residential parent suffer ( again speaking from my experience) When court orders are made, if a dad breaks that contact order he is punished, mom breaks the order nothing happens. its like the courts see the mom as a essential part of a child's life, but dad is a added extra and dont really matter to a child's life (own experiences)  I can handle my suffering, I am man, life expects us to be strong, our kids are our lives, we dont function without each other, imagine a child having to deal with that?? 

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