Accountability for Schools

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School staff and teachers are an important part of the development of a child therefore these individuals should be highly professional and accountable for their  professional conduct towards their pupils and their parents. 

There are many excellent teachers which are exemplary in their development of their pupils and should be praised for the work they conduct on a daily biases. However some individuals fall below this standard.

No pupil should be accused of lying when explaining difficult situations. No pupils voice in court contact arrangements should be withheld. No pupil should feel ashamed of their body by being "fat shamed". The professional conduct should be there to support the child's development and therefore standards falling below this should be accountable. 

If one complain formally you have to write to the school head (who may be the one where conduct falls below expected standards). The next stage is to complain to the board of governors (where the staff member may sit and therefore can influence the procedures). One cannot complain to the department of education without going through these stages, which the school controls. 

There are many excellent teachers which are exemplary in their conduct; this proposal is to actively find school employees(staff and teachers) that fall short of the expected standard in order to safeguard the country's children.

I propose a similar system as appears in Europe, when every set amount of years generally about 5 years; each school employee (staff and teachers) are examined for their conduct,  and all complaints (parents and significant others) have to answered in respect to their professional behaviour. If the individual falls short of the standard they are asked to either re-train or leave the profession. 

This I believe this system would significantly reduce the too often heart breaking news of pupils being harmed physically or psychologically across this county. 

I ask for your support in ensuring that the education in this country remains to the highest standard for the benefit of all our children.