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A Petition for Fair and Just Young Drivers Insurance

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For someone over 25 years of age, insurance is just that thing you pay on your car. Allowing you to travel in a short period of time in comfort.

For someone under 25 years of age, it can be a pain to secure insurance on your car. You're a young driver and insurance companies know that when you fill in their forms, they can charge you an extortionate amount of money to keep your car on the road and it's wrong!

Age discrimination is deemed unlawful by our own government (The Equality Act, 2010) Yet because insurance companies can 'objectively justify' the direct discrimination of our age, it's legal to charge us extortionate rates on our insurance!

To put it into personal terms, for a standard 3 door vehicle to insure with my details at the age of 19, it would cost me the same amount of money per month as my parents pay annually... Now I understand that statistically young drivers are at more risk of causing or being in accidents and that is understandable. But so are older drivers... As a young driver, the main cause of a collision is usually either cockiness or inexperience however for an older driver it is usually the reaction times they possess are usually slower by a very large margin, so how come they don't pay as much?


So how do we fix this? Simple, Insurance companies should not be allowed to charge the kind of money they already do. To counter the argument that young drivers cause a lot more accidents than older more experienced drivers, firstly I'd like to point out that there is no way we can become better drivers unless we begin to drive... Secondly why can't they give you a decent quote at first and then if you do cause an accident they can increase it but not until you can no longer be on the road!? 

My point is a very simple one:

Ageism is unlawful yet somehow there are exceptions to this that benefit no one but the people who get to make money from us because we earned our ability to drive and now we cannot afford to....

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