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Give notice to withdraw from ECHR, taking back right to deport known terror suspects

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European human rights judges have blocked more than 900 attempts by Britain to deport foreign criminals and terror suspects in recent years. 900!! In answer to those asking 'why don't we just deport the 3,000 known and monitored terrorist suspects', the following currently applies:

Given the recent calls for deportation, the ECHR remains the single biggest barrier to the deportation of known terror associates, suspects, or even convicted terrrorists from the UK. 

In the 10-year period from 2006-2016, the UK deported ONLY TWO terrorists. Extremists have been pouring into the UK for years now, safe in the knowledge that they would be safe, protected, supported, and often aided in their campaign against the UK by the very people meant to protect us from this kind of hatred. 

Well, enough. The ECHR provides us with an extra level of security for our human rights, but we are one of the most advanced nations in the world for our domestic protections of these rights. We should create our own 'version' of the human rights law set out in the ECHR, with all the same provisions, except for terrorism/terrorists. 

We need to do this NOW. We are already taking back powers of immigration from our exit from the EU, but we need to do something to prevent any more occurrences like the ones we have endured as a nation over the last month. 

Theresa May said back in 2016 that we should leave the ECHR to 'prevent future problems'. Well, those problems have not been prevented, and are very much highlighted by recent events. 

Dont sit back and do nothing. Act now. 

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