Get the Party Leaders to Participate in a Young Persons Debate for the General Election

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Young people are continually ignored and under-acknowledged by the political system. The current lack of debates for the up-and-coming General Election is something that reinforces this. We are planning to host a televised young peoples General Election debate with all of the party leaders and need your help reaching out to them. 

Upon announcing a snap General Election last week, Prime Minister May was quick to announce that she would not participate in any leadership debates. Even with the talk of broadcasters threatening to ‘empty chair’ May, she has still failed to commit to participating in what has become an election hallmark, with debates being a vital way for the electorate to make their democratic decision. Jeremy Corbyn has since followed in suit, declaring that without the presence of the Prime Minister he also would not make the direct appeal to voters that a leadership debate involves. 

We are arguing that leadership debates should not be optional as they have become something that the electorate both wants and needs in order to make their democratic decision. With the vast percentage of the electorate not being able to watch PMQs each Wednesday, with work and educational commitments inconveniencing viewing ability, a prime-time televised leadership debate is needed and can be expected if the voters are to make an informed decision. 

Four organisations have teamed to appeal to the youth demographic and host a General Election Youth Debate. 45forthe45th, Undivided, Simple Politics and Talk Politics are working together to organise and host a leadership debate specifically aimed at 18-24 year olds. The youth political engagement organisations have teamed up in the hope that a televised debate addressing the political issues that matter to young people will motivate and politically engage an often unacknowledged, ignored and apathetic demographic. 

 We are petitioning and campaigning for the leaders of each major party to commit to taking part in our televised leadership debate for young people. The more signatures we get, the easier it is for us to demonstrate to the party leaders that the young electorate want and need a debate in order to make an informed decision on June 8th.