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Full public enquiry into the actions of South Yorkshire Police and BBC

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PLEASE READ....This could happen to a member of your family, husband, son, brother or partner etc.

The aim of this petition is to obtain a Full Public enquiry into the actions of the Police and BBC during the search of Sir Cliff's home in August 2014.   The Police and BBC should be made to answer for:-

1......The injustice of Sir Cliff's treatment at the hands of the BBC and South Yorkshire Police.......and

2......The lack of anonymity afforded to him (and other celebs)

On Thursday 14 August 2014 South Yorkshire Police searched the private home of Sir Cliff Richard in Berkshire.  Already in attendance and waiting for the Police to arrive was the BBC.  The BBC had been given the information regarding the search by the SYP.  This was admitted by the Chief Constable of SYP during the Select Committee Meeting recently.  The BBC deemed it necessary to use a helicopter to fly above Sir Cliff Richards property (at licence fee payers expense) in order to use a long lens to see inside the property. This was totally unecessary and intrusive. The footage from the search was shown worldwide by the BBC before Sir Cliff Richard himself was aware of the search.

Although primarily this petition is to do with the horrendous treatment of Sir Cliff Richard, it is also about everyones rights to privacy and fairness.  This situation could happen to anyone if the BBC and Police are allowed to get away with this kind of treatment to an individual.  Sir Cliff Richard is a legend and known to millions around the world, but he is also a human being with a family, who he cares deeply about. 

It has to be remembered that Sir Cliff Richard had not been spoken to by the Police, charged or arrested.   At this stage shouldn't any investigation and search that is carried out be done sensitively and the name of any individual involved remain anonymous.  The law of the land states "innocent until proven guilty" this has certainly not been allowed here.  Sir Cliff Richard is presumed by the BBC and maybe lots of other people who believe what they have read is guilty until proven innocent.  This could do untold damage to a person's character. 

The BBC and SYP have both overlooked Sir Cliff Richard's rights to privacy and fairness.  The BBC only concerned with obtaining their "scoop" without any consideration or thought to the devastation their actions have caused. The excuse used by the BBC is that it was in the public interest for this search to be shown.  Was this in the public interest?  Remember NO ARREST - NO CHARGE  had taken place.  Is this FAIR?  Is this UNBIASED?  Due to this so called "story" Sir Cliff Richard's life has effectively been put on hold, however the accuser has remained anonymous and able to live their day to day life. It would appear that any individual can make an allegation against someone and remain anonymous.  The person who has had the allegation made against them has their life and that of their family and friends turned upside down, ( as in the case of Jimmy Tarbuck) even when the allegation is  false could do untold damage to a persons character.

I'm sure we all agree that when an allegation is made, it has to be investigated.  However, the rights of the accused should also be protected and remain annonymous until such time, when and if a charge is brought about.

We need to obtain a full public enquiry into the conduct of the BBC and the SYP on this day.  Only by achieving this can questions be answered.

Please sign our petition to hopefully ensure that another person, celebrity or not, does not have to endure this nightmare.  It doesn't matter if your a Cliff fan or not, what matters is that all our rights to privacy and fairness are respected. 


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