Stop Bombing Syria

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Sadly, airstrikes have been carried out in Syria under insruction from the British Government. We have no idea if our country's involvement is over, or if it is likely to escalate, but we opposed it then and we oppose it now.

Bombing or attacking Syria will potentially cause more death and suffering of civilians and service personnel and escalate conflict, even possibly drawing us into war with Russia and not solving anything in Syria. It will also cost money that could be spent helping people here and abroad. 

Bombing was carried out without full investigation of the evidence of the alleged chemical weapons attack or consultation with Parliament or the UN. It was carried out just before inspectors were due to go in. It was carried out despite the fact that the majority of the British public do not want this.

We the undersigned oppose British involvement with bombing in Syria. We did not want this to happen and we do not want it to happen again in our name. We do not want to go to war. We do not want to bomb. We certainly do not want to do these things without a vote in Parliament and UN backing. 

Theresa May and the Cabinet, please do not bomb Syria again.