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DEPORT all who are a threat to the UK including their families NOW!

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For far too long we as a nation have had to deal with Islamic terror !

The UK used to be a country of the free, a country that was safe, a country that does not lose wars, a country that was built on free speech and democracy by our forefathers. As years have gone by we have slowly become a nation in mourning! We have had to endure no go zones, people getting blamed for speaking the truth, we have had to deal with our leaders telling us "we will come together", "we will get through this" "we stand together". We have been told what we can and cannot say, how we should think, how we should dress, we have had to cower to a controlling community that hates us for no reason, yet they blame us for bombings? these are the people that cause war wherever they go, then play the victim.

Yet we as brits are not allowed to speak the truth! Instead we are unfairly treated by the police and others for pointing out there is a big big problem..The educated always get the blame, the educated always get labelled racist, bigot, Islamphobia, were stereotyping and other insulting defamatory words.

Salman abedi was known to the MI5 and police ..Our leaders have created a system where we allow fascist killers back into our country and allow others to enter freely by not controlling immigration, who then force their way of life upon us and if we stand up and say no, we're wrong. Our leaders have let these communities get away with far too much for far too long by not deporting illegal people who help others commit these atrocities. And now another mob who was known to police etc in the London attacks.

The police only focus on targeting so called ' hate crime ' to create a police state to keep the victims silent. The only hate crime is fascists who enter our country and kill innocent people, to silence the truth seekers and to make defamatory comments about white people. Why do you allow terroists back? why do you allow them to bring their families? why do you cower to them? We the public have warned of these attacks for many years, but we were ignored.

We as a nation demand Theresa may to reform the police and the intelligence services! we must stop allowing these evil people back into our country of the free! deportations must start now, their families and anyone else who hates our land of the free. Why are our leaders so scared? if you do right by your people , we will do right by you! you have failed us many times, we now want to see justice. No more terror, no more blaming anyone else but the communities that let this happen. No more targeting innocent people for speaking truth, no more false accusations of ' hate crime' Stop the slander and do the right thing. Stop being scared to be strong! You will not take away our freedom of speech!

Islam faith MUST adapt to british society, not the other way around..The british government has a duty to protect the people from such attacks from the enemy. If they continue to fail, this can be classed as treason.

And we will not tolerate false accusations from anyone..If you were to read history the original, you will see clearly who the Nazis, racist bigots really are! not any brit, not any ( as you call them ) right wing!


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