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Curfew for under 18s in response to increased murder rate in london

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For the Attention of Mrs Theresa May

We the public are calling for a 9pm curfew for under 18 year olds in response to the rise in violent killings that is rampant in many London Boroughs.

So far there have been 45 killings in London in 2018 and its only April! Enough is Enough how many more killings have to happen until this government takes action. Whilst the actions of a few evil individuals have massive impacts on the rest of society?

The latest killing, the victim was a 17 year old female, someone’s daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, student, etc.

 This young lady was gunned downed robbed prematurely of a future, never will have the chance to be a mother herself, never to reach her full potential in life because her life has been snatched away so heartlessly. So many families are hurting over the unnecessary premature loss of their love ones.

45 murders are too many in what we believed to be a civilised country, why has your government not acted sooner?

 Why is there not a media and public outcry?

 Is it because the majority of the victims are non-white, if this epidemic were happening in the suburbs surely there would be a public outcry.

Many young people and parents in London are living in fear? This is not Afghanistan!!  There are many contributory factors what has lead us to this broken lawless society that we have become: You cut many of our public services you have replaced our youth clubs with useless coffee shops for your middle class friends. You out priced our communities in favour of your rich friends who have come into our communities with no contributions whatsoever to the community. You have caused huge social class divides we have gone 10 steps backwards as far as inequalities are concerned. There are many issues that need to be addressed in response to the recent surge in gun crime across the capital, where are the young people getting access to firearms from?  They have to be coming from somewhere the communities affected by these crimes do not have any firearm factories and the UK citizens do not have access to firearms like the USA.

Moving forward there is no quick fix cure to this serious infection which has developed within our society, to  reduce the numbers of killings  keep our young people safe at home until we as the community can collectively come together with some solutions.