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Change the UK Standard Visit Visa system.

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As many people know that to apply for a UK Standard Visitor Visa there are numerous documents and evidence one must provide in order to prove various things, such as: who they are; why they wish to visit the UK; are they financially stable - just to name a few. 

Once a 'visitor hopeful' has provided all the required documents to their embassy and spent a great deal of money in able to do so, he or she must then wait for a decision to be made as to whether they will or will not be granted a visa. 

A little information as to how the process works - after filling out all the required documents, travelling backwards and forwards to various notaries and translators, spending endless amounts of money, they then must travel to their nearest British Embassy for an interview. The applicant hands over their documents and has a discussion with an interviewer as to why they want to visit the UK. The documents then go to a series of people - who have never met or spoken with the applicant - to decide whether a visa will be granted or refused. 

Imagine, after all the hard work of simply applying for a STANDARD VISIT VISA and the incalculable amount of money spent, the final decision is that the application is refused. 

Imagine being in a genuine, loving relationship where either yourself or your partner is foreign and is being denied a STANDARD VISIT VISA because of someone who doesn't believe your relationship is real. 

Imagine being a family, you met your partner while working abroad and fell instantly in love, you fell pregnant and both wanted to raise the child in the United Kingdom. But to your dismay, your partner is not able to join you or the baby in the UK because the relationship is fake. So you get married hoping this will present the unfeigned nature of your relationship. Imagine being denied a second time.

I have seen, and experienced, these situations with my own eyes. The pain our immigration system causes is indescribable. 

Defamation of character. 

Keeping spouses separate. 

Tearing families apart. 

The current system operating in the United Kindgom is morally wrong and flawed on countless levels. The system needs reviewing and altering to make it fairer to those who apply. Someone sitting behind a desk cannot take into account your personal situation, therefore cannot make an accurate, informed decision. 


Make The World A Fairer World. 

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