Call for Theresa May to resign over failed attempt to protect the British public

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We are calling for Theresa May to resign over her shocking inability to keep the public safe from terrorism. In light of the three terrorist attacks that have happened over the last three months we believe that Theresa may is no longer competent as our prime minister. Not only has she failed as prime minister but she has also failed in the proceeding years as home secretary. 

Our biggest objection against Theresa May is that she has cut police numbers by 20,000 despite being warned that this move would risk our national security. Moreover, it is well known that the government under her watch has sold £4.1billion worth of arms to the Middle East since 2015. As many if these countries are supporters of extremist views we believe that these transaction have put profit ahead of our national security. We therefore ask her to stand down as prime minister of this country with immediate effect.