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We grew up in a beautiful Free Christian Society, then one day things began to feel different, look different and sound different, The Ideology of Islam had crept in to our Society and little by little started to erode away everything we had ever known, and loved.

Islam did this by demanding that concessions be made in its favour so our own government without asking how we felt about these changes, just began giving Islam concession after concession and all Islam had to do to gain these privileges was by saying it was offended.

Well now we want the same privileges that you have given to Islam, regarding the things that offend us.

(1) The Islamic Ideology Offends us, we want it gone.

(2) Mosques that are built on Christian soil must be torn down, as long as not one church or synagogue is allowed to be built in country’s such as Saudi Arabia then we are Offended by their Mosques being built in our society, the alien call to pray offends us, It also offends us when the believers of Islam mock us for our stupid government for allowing in our society what they would never allow in theirs.

(3) Islamic Dress offends us, its Alien to our culture and we find the burka Especially intimidating and it Offends us and we want it gone from our Society .

(4) Outside Praying, this offends us, because we know it is only done to provoke and goad us, we want this stopped.

(5) Halal , The British people are animal lovers, and we can not stand to see an animal suffer unnecessarily, this Offends us and we want it stopped immediately .

(6) All Islamic Schools Must be shut down, it is well documented that when Muslim children are taught in secret, there is more risk of them being radicalized and hurting us, This offends us and we want it stopped, the Islamic community assure us that they want to integrate, well let them prove it, no more Islamic Schools in our Society .

(7) Sharia Law, NO sharia law at all, under any circumstances, Islam MUST abide by the law of the land and, if people want to live under the sharia, there is nothing stopping them from moving to a country where sharia is already in place.

8) Marriage, only one wife per one husband, this is a Christian Society and to have more than one wife is to commit Bigamy , we can not have one law for us and another for them, everyone knows if you move to another country, you live by the LAWS of that land, and if you refuse to live by the laws of that land then you can not live there, Islam expecting us to change our laws Offends us and we are offended that our own government puts Islamic feelings before our feelings, also the legal age of marriage should be the same for everyone, making exceptions for another race religion or Ideology Offends us.

(9) we want ALL 23,000 known jihadist removed from our country , we are Offended knowing that we have these people freely moving among us and we have no idea who they are, we are Offended at known terrorists who admit to wanting us dead are permitted to stay in our Society and continue to terrorize us.

(10) Grooming gangs, child sex rape gangs, we are Offended by the amount of child sex rape gangs that have been deliberately ignored by police and social services, all because police and social services wear afraid of being called racists, we are offended that our police allowed thousands of girls lives to be ruined just to save them from being labelled RACIST, we are Offended that Islam uses its Ideology to rape our girls and gag our police and social services .

(11) Islamic rape on none Islamic girls is a deliberate act of aggression, Islam deliberately targets none Islamic girls as they see them as war booty and believe it is their right to take the spoils of war, we are Offended that these people come to live in our Society and are allowed to live among naive young girls who have no idea what the true intentions of these predators are, Islamic men who are convicted of raping none Islamic girls should be deported immediately and stripped of any assets he has in this country and he should never be allowed back in to our Society again..

(12) FGM, anyone found guilty of mutilating little girls should be stripped of all assets and deported immediately, parents who take their daughter over seas to have their daughters mutilated, should be jailed for 5 years, if any other race religion or Ideology mutilated their children it would be a criminal offence and their children would be taken in to care, we are Offended that people can use a race a religion or an Ideology to break our law and abuse children and we want it stopped.

(13) NO GO ZONES, This Offends us immensely, If we started putting up signs refusing to allow a race a religion or an Ideology in to our neighbourhood, we would be labelled RACIST, we are OFFENDED that we can no longer walk through childhood neighbourhoods because we have the Ideology of Islam telling us this is no longer our country, and that this country now belongs to them this seriously Offends us and we want it made law that no race religion or Ideology can restrict the movements of others.

(14)NO Advertising of race religion or Ideology, We find it very Offensive to see the Ideology of Islam being promoted on British streets, on the side of buses, billboards shop windows and on portable street tabletops, We see this as open radicalization and we find it distressing and highly offensive and we want it stopped.

(15)Finally we need to have an article that lays down that we have ONE dominant culture that is based on Judaism Christianity and humanism

We have to stop pretending that Islam is a Religion, Islam is not a religion Islam is a to totalitarian Ideology, Islam must not be compared with any other religion such as Judaism Buddhism or Christianity , Islam MUST be compared with other Ideology’s such as communism or fascism, by admitting that Islam is an Ideology and not a religion this means that all religious freedoms and privileges do not apply to Islam .

We must STOP the mass immigration of migrants from Islamic country’s and in order to maintain our own values our own identity and our own culture we must not let one person from an Islamic country’s emigrating in to our society.

For people already in our society, as long as they adhere to our values to our laws, then they are welcome to stay and will be treated equally, but the second they start thinking about sharia, jihad, or commit any serious terror related offences, they should be deported without delay, if they cause the death of anyone they must go to jail for a full life term.

Also every member of a none western society or who are already in our society should sign a legally binding contract of assimilation and allegiance to our society,
we have to make it very very clear to the believers of Islam, that those who were born hear or from elsewhere that they are welcome to stay hear and live by our laws our traditions and our values, but the first time that they mention sharia or jihad they must leave our society immediately.

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