Recognise Islam as a Political Ideology and not a Religion

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 Islam is a political & cultural ideology with its own laws and some religion that  was dictated by Mohammad in various texts and then formed the Koran, Hadith and the Sira.
Muslims believe that the Koran and texts are perfect complete universal and eternal, that they do not contain any errors and are the exact words of god.

Muslims call themselves the believers and everyone else is a non believer Kafir.

The Majority of the text and this is the worrying part concerns the Kafir (athesits,jews,christians etc) and is not about being a muslim but actually about the Kafir, statistics are 64% of the Koran,37% of the Hadith and 81% of the Sira.

The Koran says that the Kafir may be deceived, plotted against, hated. enslaved mocked, tortured, and killed. I believe it is these teachings that have led to Terrorism and Killing in the Uk. As an example Lee Rigby's tragic death is as a result of a direct written passage contained within the text.

Whilst the Books contain some goodness this is towards their fellow muslims and only to Jews and Christians if they agree that their sacred text is corrupt.

The practice of Islam has increased  because of a growth in population and we have seen an increase in the number of Mosques & Islamic schools that practices gender inequalities and  as a result of this we have had an increase in successful terrorist attacks & murders , also the unsuccessful ones counter terrorism has managed to stop. We have approximately 23,000 Jihadis on the Terror watch list and the number  of convicted terrorist is rising.I

As human beings the British people have the right to freedom of speech, expression and thought. Uk government is slowly curtailing these rights when the British people criticise or question the text of Islam which they believe is directly and indirectly linked to Harmful behaviours , Injuries, child grooming gangs, death and Terrorism. 

The Government is actively protecting the Political Ideology that is causing so much harm to society by prosecuting anybody who dares to question the Islamic Books under Hate Speech laws, speech that attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such as gender, ethnic origin, religion, race, disability, or sexual orientation.

A British citizen Tommy Robinson has been so concerned about the crimes covered up and hidden from the public, that he decided to report on these crimes and make the public aware of what was going on and the dangers facing young white children and teenagers , he was subsequently sent to jail for 13 months. This is unacceptable and a breach of his human rights  to jail someone for reporting the crimes of muslim men when our Media reports similar crimes committed by non muslims freely  Eg Rolf Harris. 

We would argue that infact the Koran,Hadith and Sira is in fact largely made up of text and beliefs that amount to hate speech directed against all non muslims  around 95% of the population and as such should not be taught or preached in mosques or Islamic schools in the UK as it is these teachings that is a direct cause and indirectly of terrorism and the rise in child rape gangs committed by muslim men for example Oxford,Rotherham,Rochdale,Telford,Newcastle,Newham and Peterbourgh.

Mohammad tells his folllowers that they can take child brides also take the Kafirs (enemy's  non-believers) women to use.

 The practice of FGM during the period of  April 2016 to March 2017 the NHS had to deal with nearly 10,000 cases of this presented to them despite the practice being lllegal to date there has been no prosecutions.

Forced marriages cases presented to the police last year was almost 1,000.

Over half of this community believe homosexuality should be made illegal.

These Practices and teachings are a risk to our society that no one should have to make and as such mosques and schools should not be able to teach them, the sharia law practice must stop this favours one gender group over another and a minority section of society is living under different laws than the rest .

The rule of Law should always be the law of the !and British and no other. Burqas and Niqabs should not be worn these are potentially a security risk and promote segregation & inequalities for women from society and not Integration.

To summarise Islam is a political and cultural ideology with its own laws and some religion that was written 1400 years ago for a different country and culture it favours muslims and in particular Muslim men it teaches hate and intolerance towards non-muslims includes text which is directly linked to Terrorism,persecution of gay people,inequality for women and child grooming gangs and as such these teaching have no place in democratic England where we practice equality,freedom of speech, thought,expression and the rule of Law.

We would ask that our Elected Government recognise it as such and protect our well being and safety and recognise the risks in allowing Islam  to be taught  in the UK.

An Independent report/ study or inquiry must be conducted by scholars and specialists to address all concerns of the British people and given to the Prime Minister & House of Commons so the findings can be discussed and debated openly and fairly just as we have scrutinised the belief system of Christians and abortion .



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