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Ban Sexist School Uniform Policies

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Young girls all over the world are objectified on a daily basis by uniform restrictions from their education institutions. They are punished and sexualised for the mere show of their bodies and these restrictions are not even in place for boys.

One institution has hit the headlines for sending up to 150 girls home for wearing skirts that were deemed “too short”. But while boys have been punished for some dress code violations too, it is clear that the majority of cases involve girls’ appearance being policed. There are also many similar cases where girls are punished for wearing trousers that are "too tight". And just what is it exactly about an 11-year old's fully covered legs that is considered so outrageous and dangerous as to validate removing her from the learning environment and humiliating her in front of her peers?

If a school is ready to force a child to miss lesson time because of the type of fabric she has chosen to cover her legs with, you have to wonder why the same penalty isn't being applied instead to the boys causing problems by being "unable to control themselves".

When skirts are policed for ending above the knee, it informs kids of 11 or 12 that there is something dangerous and sexual about a girl's knees, but not about those of her male peers. And when, as in so many cases, the reason given for girls being banned from wearing a particular item of clothing is that it might distract boys or lead to harassment, then young people are learning that a victim is responsible for "protecting" herself by policing her own body. This narrative is enormously damaging for young people of all genders, insulting boys by suggesting that they are unable to prevent themselves from harassing, and promoting the idea that girls must always avoid "asking for it".

This is just not acceptable and his has to stop.

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