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Allow Xu Yonghao to join his Father, Shifu Shi Yan Lei in the UK.

Applicant: Xu Yonghao (Post reference: Beijing / 1108549)

This letter is an appeal on behalf of Xu Yonghao. The 12 year old has made applications to emigrate from China to the UK where he can join his father, a renowned Buddhist minister who has done many charitable works. But Xu Yonghao has twice been refused. As a result, his father, Shifu Yan Lei, is no longer able to concentrate on the charity work he has been doing for the last 12 years in promoting Shaolin and Buddhist cultures at the London-based Shaolin Temple UK.

Here is a bit of background. Shifu Yan Lei was sent to the UK on 29 September 2000 by Shi Yong Xin, the Abbot of the original Shaolin Temple in Henan Province, China. His mission was to assist the 34th generation disciple of the Temple, Shi Yan Zi to build the UK branch of the Shaolin Temple into a world-class cultural centre promoting Shaolin, Buddhist and traditional Chinese cultures.

After running for more than a decade, the temple now has many students and disciples. Not only does it teach Shaolin kung fu and the Chinese meditative practice known as Qigong, it also provides traditional Chinese herbal treatments and runs Buddhist philosophy and meditation classes. The mission of Shaolin Temple UK is to serve people of all ages by helping them gain in health and wisdom. But in order for the temple to continue to grow, it is vital that it has authentic masters from the Shaolin Temple to run it.

Shifu Yan Lei is an important Shaolin Ch'an Buddhist minister who, since coming to the UK, has been invaluable to the growth and success of the temple.

Unfortunately, for the last two years he has been trying to get his son to come and live with him in the UK but his son's application has twice been denied. We feel this is an injustice. In the 12 years since Shifu Yan Lei has been in this country, Shaolin Temple UK and its many students have greatly benefited from his teachings and we are worried that due to his son’s visa issues, he can no longer continue to do his charity work. This will have a devastating effect on Shaolin Temple UK and the wider community.

Shifu Yan Lei is an honorable and kind master and we appreciate that he has spent a lot of time spreading Shaolin Culture in the UK. We know that since coming to this country, he has missed his son and visited him in China on a regular basis. We feel that for a son to live with his father is a basic human right.

Shaolin Temple UK and all its disciples and followers feel that the decision not to allow Xu Yonghao to live with his father in the UK is unreasonable. We ask that the British Embassy treat Shifu Yan Lei and his son with due diligence. We hope that this matter can be resolved as quickly as possible so that Xu Yonghao can join his fatherin the UK and Shifu Yan Lei can continue to support Shaolin Temple UK.

Thank you.

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  • Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party
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