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Abolish / change special guardianship orders to give clearer rights for both parties

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This order that has been made by the British legal system for the family courts is being abused by social services and is starting to cause more problems between parents and special guardians of the children involved. No one is made clear on parental responsibility. All parents are told is the sgo has overriding parental responsibility involved in the childs day to day activities. This is causing arguments for when parents try to retrieve medical issues school details (school reports). This order shuts parents out entirely of any decision making which in turn sounds more like a adoption. Its causing distress, animosity and is forcing special guardians to be very defensive which in turn is not what this order was meant to do. The order was created in order to keep the child/children within reach of the parents so that identity can still be worked on. And a close relationship with parents can still remain. When relationships breakdown with this order parents are left with no legal help as it has been made a private law order which is devastating for anyone involved. Some special guardians are also abusing this order by denying contact whenever they feel like it or by emotional harm which is where children are not being recorrected by ss or special guardians as to who birth parents are. In other words some guardians are allowing this order to be used like a adoption by getting the children to call them mummy or daddy which is not the case and should not be allowed to happen. Social services are using this order as a quick fix to all cases the assessments that take place are being swept through and parents not listened to. There are now social network groups being set up for special guardians as they are struggling to understand birth parent rights and the same is also for the parents as I myself am a birth mother of two children on sgo and I have had to fight to get school reports medical reports and stand my ground. There is no support for both parties involved at all. The order is dangerous and should be removed . Children on this order are being effected emotionally by the sgo's rights to stop contact they are also being denied their rights towards their parents which was the whole point of this order in the first place. CHILDREN ARE BEING EFFECTED BY THIS ORDER AS ITS EMOTIONALLY DAMAGING AND IS SEPERATING PARENTS OFF FROM CHILDREN THIS ORDER WAS NOT MEANT TO LOOK LIKE A ADOPTION.

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