Save Fierce Dance Factor!

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This petition is to fight for Fierce Dance Factor, a dance studio that has acted as a second home to so many in our community, myself and my family included. The City of Ottawa has recently informed them that they will be cutting ties with the studio for the upcoming dance season; this means that the studio either has to shut down or figure out how to find a new space for the dancers and operate independently for the 2019/2020 season and onward by April 18th. The terms of this decision are completely unjust given that they have only informed them a week ago and have given a mere 2 week span to let the studio figure out what to do. Signing this petition would possibly help make the terms a bit more flexible and extend the time for the studio to get back on their feet. At the age of 7, this studio gave a girl like myself a place to feel comfortable in her own skin, grow and become skilled in an art I never thought I would have access to; and it has continued to do so for the past 11 years. Your signature would help every child in my community that like me just wants the chance to dance and feel beautiful. Thank you so much for your support!