Zero Tolerance of Police Racism. We Say Sack This Officer.

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WPC Katie Barratt of Northumbria Police was sacked In January 2018 after racially abusing Asian staff in a local food takeaway, calling them, by her own admission " Pakis" and "Niggers".

Commendably she was reported by her Officer colleagues. She was subsequently sacked by Northumbria police, but has bizarrely been reinstated after a Home Office appeals panel determined that her remarks "were not the worst kind of racism".

We say there's no place for racism in the British police service and we call upon the Home Office to urgently reconsider its decision, and reaffirm his commitment to driving out racism from British policing. It is precisely these sorts of unprofessional decisions, that fundamentally undermines the efforts of police officers who are committed challenging police racism, and fundamentally corrodes Asian and Black communities levels of public trust and confidence in the police.

This officer must not be allowed any public facing responsibilities and Northumbria Police should ensure her duties are both restrained and limited.

Please write to the Home Secretary, the Northumbria police and crime Commissioner, Stephen Mold demanding an explanation and the personal intervention of the Home Secretary to reverse this catastrophic decision.

I am a former Deputy Mayor of London (2000 to 2008) and the first black Director of Policing for London with a long history of challenging racism within British police service.