Toxic Air

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The insanely increased rate of pollution after diwali is choking the life out of cities and has to be cut down. Vehicular pollution, bursting of crackers, disposal of harmful gases into the air from industries. All these are prime causes of air pollution. 

Usage of CNG vehicles as much as possible, usage of proper lubricants and engine oils to prevent 'engine knocking' which releases particulate matter, ban on bursting crackers so as to cut down noise as well as air pollution...use that money to give food and shelter to the poor, treatment of gaseous waste released from industries. Charging penalties for smoking in public or no-smoking areas.

I am writing this petition to take a stand against this slow death which everyone knows about but does nothing to prevent it. We, the common people can make a huge difference starting from our households, our surroundings to our cities and even our country. We all know what the people of Delhi have been doing to their city and now what they have been suffering from. We don't want this with our cities too and if we are not alarmed now, our entire country can be in the same condition. Kids are being taught about these things yet the amount of fire crackers that are burnt on diwali is insane. Some laws are meant to be enforced i think we've been turning a deaf ear to this debate for far too long. And now it's not the time to debate, it's time to take a stand. Green India will only remain a dream if we don't take action now. Remember we're not doing this for anyone else, it's our own country it's our own home. I thank  and support PETA, Co-Exist foundation and #PoochOverPatakha movement for their contribution in this cause.