Hold Dialysis Corporations Accountable for Kidney Disease Awareness in Urban Communities

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Kidney Disease is the 9th leading cause of death in the United States. While African Americans make up about 13 percent of the population, they account for 35 percent of the people with kidney failure in the United States. The biggest culprits fueling this epidemic are diabetes and high blood pressure.  In addition, an estimated 37 million American adults have chronic kidney disease, but most don't even know they have it. As a result of these staggering statistics kidney dialysis facilities have been opening in urban communities at an alarming rate. Rather than just profiting billions from a health epidemic that disproportionately affects African Americans and minorities, this petition calls on these corporations to show real social responsibility and tangible community involvement by creating public awareness and education about diabetes and high blood pressure in those areas most heavily impacted. This can include high-traffic advertisements such as street billboards, local TV ads, and social media buys, as well as sponsoring education and better-food programs in local schools. There are more than 6,000 dialysis facilities in the United States. If dialysis companies truly care about people with kidney disease, they should be a part of the viable solution, which is preventing it from occurring in the first place.