Australians insist on our right to optimal, non toxic health NOW

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Many thousands of Australian citizens have found HUGE relief from suffering in the past 12 months through using Hempworx full spectrum CBD oil.

After using the product there has been almost unbelievable release from the intense suffering of epilepsy, fibromyalgia, arthritis, menstural issues, endometriosis, sensory processing disorders in children and chronic emotional pain like depression, bi polar and schizophrenia - just to name a few.

Not to mention the impact on the health of our beloved pets and a general emotional and mental well being that cannot even be quantified in its depth - for thousands of other Australians who do not suffer physically.

All with ZERO psychoactive effect in using this product - the distiction between CBD and medical marijuana is vital.

On May Ist,  Hempworx put out an email to affiliates to inform us that the TGA of Australia has invited them to register. Part of the process included Hempworx agreeing to not ship any more orders to Australia until registration is complete.

While we have complete faith that registration is imminent - nothing else makes sense - we the Australian people offer our testimony in the "reason i am signing this petition" section,  as to why we insist on our faith being fully is all many have at this point as they imagine returning to such suffering.

Australians without personal testimony of Hempworx offer their support and desire for optimal wellness also.

We insist the weight of our personal testimony be the "proof" or "proper testing" that can make approval a lengthly process.We offer our stories of distress at the concept of returning to suffering while we wait for a government body to allow relief. I personally am dealing every day with very scared people that have a right to the wellness they are currently experiencing.

We make it completely clear that every day spent in red tape is another day tens of thousands of Australians will suffer enormously and needlessly.

There is added social impact for us all collectively in this needless suffering - particularly within  the family unit.

We demand out right to optimal health and a pain free life NOW.

It is the birthright of every Australian

Please leave any personal testimonial of Hempworx CBD you may have in the section where you can comment as to why you are signing this petition.

We will prevail.