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Allow people to buy pain medication over the counter

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I want Australia to continue allow people to buy medications that include codeine over the counter.  As a woman I occasionally get period pains that cannot be eased with paracetamol and ibuprofen, I sometimes just need something a tiny bit stronger, especially overnight to help me rest. By restricting the sale of stronger pain medications, it means I now have to go to my GP who is no longer bulk billing to get a prescription. The cost of a box of painkillers will now be well over $50 and this isn't taking into consideration the time and effort now required.

I would like the therapeutic goods administration to consider selling the tablets over the counter, perhaps in smaller quantities to support the reduction in misuse. In the UK they reduced paracetamol to smaller packets so the same principle could be applied here to still allow pain sufferers access to much needed pain relief. Obviously for larger quantities, patients can seek advice from their GP.

My suggestion would be a small packet of 10/15 tablets at a reasonable cost that could assist people with managing their short term pain needs. Chemists can always check driving licenses or call GPs if they are concerned about people chemist shopping. I know when I need that extra pain relief I would be very happy to just pop to the chemist rather than trekking to my GP, then the chemist and all the additional costs! Please support me in seeking a more appropriate solution. 

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