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We want to make all skateparks free and take down the fences

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It is vitally important that our youth grow up in a communal and healthy environment.  Right now in Florida, skaters have been forced off the streets into skateparks that look like prisons. 

Most of these skateparks have a gate guard to man the facility, charge money, and force the free-spirited youth from the streets to wear helmets and pads. 

This is Florida, where it's 100 degrees in the summertime. And let me ask you this: do you ever see skaters in the streets wearing pads?  NO!  So why is this?

 The State of Florida created a state statute that originated as a traffic ordinance restricting skaters from riding in the streets, triggering authorities to ticket them.  The state then changed it to encourage cities and counties to build public skateparks. 

It’s Florida State Statue SS316.0085.  But instead of treating skateparks like any other unsupervised recreational facilities, like basketball courts, playgrounds, or tennis courts, they mandated minors’ parents to sign waivers to be able to skate. 

This makes no sense at all because waivers do not hold any weight in court.  A skater can fall down in front of City Hall and file a lawsuit just as easily as when skating inside any public skatepark – which, by the way, has been proven to be just as safe as most any other recreational activity.  Check out the national sports injury statistics. 

Please go to Free Florida Skateparks on Facebook and help us remove the waiver clause and FREE OUR SKATEPARKS, just as other states have done!


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