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Belgium and Netherlands MUST Accept Asylum Claims from Oppressed Boers and Afrikaners


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The Belgian State Secretary for Asylum and Migration, Theo Francken, recently invited Catalans: "who feel politically threatened to ask for asylum in Belgium".

However Boers and Afrikaners in South Africa who are being oppressed and persecuted by the Government of South Africa, are not afforded this option?

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Not only is a European Farmer in South Africa statistically FOUR times more likely to be murdered than a South African Police Officer, but there are 118 Laws and Regulations issued by the SA government which prejudice against European South Africans in everything from Employment, Education and even Sport Quotas, all based on race! (Is Statutory Racism now acceptable to the Belgian and Dutch?)

There is ample evidence of this persecution, to the extent that it is being called a genocide by many, even by Indeed it fulfills the United Nations' Definition of Genocide.

Boers and Afrikaners in South Africa are not only genetically and historically linked to Belgium and Netherlands but they still speak the same language and hold many of the same values and ethics.

In the Treaty of London of 1814, the Netherlands SOLD all their citizens in the Cape Colony to the British along with the Colony! Surely a gesture to apoligise for this despicable trading in humans is long overdue and would help reconciliation? In fact many of these Boers and Afrikaners are descendants of the French Huguenots who were fleeing religious persecution from Europe, via Holland, in the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. Surely it is time for these descendants of the victims of this religious persecution to be welcomed back?

We implore the Belgian and Dutch Governments to remember that charity begins at home and that these desperate Boers and Afrikaners are their own family and blood... and they have nowhere else to go because they are being denied Self Determination and Independence and are being forcibly genocided and assimilated.

Expat South Africans that have managed to escape the hellhole that South Africa has become, have built a reputation of being hard working, honest and law abiding immigrants, surely there is no reason whatsoever for The Netherlands and Belgium to deny claims of Asylum from their own people? Is there?

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