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Please help the animals at The zoo next Door

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Lions, tigers, panthers, leopards, pumas, bears, wolves, antelopes, reptiles and exotic birds, they all lie at the back of Sergio Gomez Olivier's house. This place, called El Club de los Animalitos, started 12 years ago, when he begun a private collection of animals that he kept as pets. Now, the place is not only a private zoo, but a breeding centre. In the last 3 years, Sergio has bred 340 cats. A wildlife filmmaker from Mexico, Karla Munguia Colmenero, offered him International help to relocate the animals. She found WILD CATS WORLD, a non-profit organization dedicated to help big cats in the wild and in captivity. Babette De Jonge, founder, found 10 acres of land in India and Sergio refused the offer. We now need your help, and all you have to do is sign this petition and share it with your family and friends so these beautiful creatures can be relocated to a better place, as Sergio owns bigger pieces of land. To watch the film, click here: Dear Sergio Gomez Olivier, First of all, I would like to thank you for the immense love that you have for the animals that you keep on the back of your house. It is clear that the bond between you and them is very strong. After watching the film The Zoo Next Door, I realized that you mentioned that they are very happy, as they breed on a regular basis, and that the most important thing of all, is not space, but love. Love is a strong feeling, and if you love them as you say you do, I am sure that you will consider the option of relocating the animals to bigger enclosures. You mentioned that we humans have destroyed the habitats of these species, which I agree, but not entirely, as, lion, leopard, buffalo, camel, blue wildebeest and zebra, don't belong to the Mexican ecosystem. A pride of lions in the wild covers 450 square kilometres, a male leopard covers 484 square kilometres... your lions and leopards can only move in a small cage with no trees to climb or grass under their feet. I know that those animals can't make it in the Wild, but what they can have, if its not their freedom, is a greater life and that opportunity lies in your hands. Please let Wild Cats World help you in this journey where your animals can be relocated to a bigger piece of land in Mexico. Thank you, Sergio, for being part of the difference and giving these magnificent creatures a better life.

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