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Uphold current zoning law and keep 177-foot-tall wind turbines out of Catskill State Park.

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We are a group of very concerned citizens who love the Catskill Mountains. We are all in favor of “Green Energy Solutions” and anything that may help to maintain the beautiful, pristine countryside of the Town of Denning that we have chosen as our home.

A request for the erection of a 140’ wind Turbine (177’ including the blades’ extension) was recently made by Mr Judd Hirsch of Eve Eden Road. The current town zoning which directs acceptable land uses does not cover the installation of a turbine, let alone a structure of this scale, as high as a 17 story building.

Reference Zoning Sections: 

Article III Section 3.4.5 states: Any uses not specifically permitted shall be deemed to be prohibited. Any list of prohibited uses contained in any section of this law, shall not be deemed to be an exhaustive list, but to have been included for the purpose of clarity and emphasis, and to illustrate by example some of the uses frequently proposed that are deemed undesirable and incompatible in the particular district.


Article III Section 3.4.6 states: Regardless of any other provisions of this Law, any use that is noxious or offensive by reason of emission of odor, dust, noise, vibration, smoke, gas, fumes or radiation or which presents a hazard to public safety, is prohibited.

WE would like all officers involved in the decision of allowing a variance that would change the Zoning land use code, to consider the implications of how such a structure – and potentially more in the future – would forever change the landscape where we live.

We believe that wind turbines structures have a place in settings other than in Catskill State Park. We believe that many different alternative energy solutions may and should be considered and pursued by Mr Hirsch to defray his electrical costs, including but not limited to the installation of solar panels. 

We believe that allowing the installation of a turbine of this scale in this area for the benefit of one, would unjustly disrupt the lives of all the people who live in its proximity, and in addition to the well documented issues of noise, sunlight flickering, health concerns, impact on wildlife, the approval of its installation and the change of the land use codes would open the door to all types of repercussions, including commercial enterprises that would bring nothing more than a marred landscape to the residents of the Town of Denning.

We believe that this issue is unprecedented and requires both a more thorough broadcast information among the residents (the 9/30 workshop was attended by only four residents two of whom are Mr Hirsch’s employees) and the expertise of more than just the turbine’s vendor: we believe that an independent environmental report MUST be made when considering changes of this magnitude in the Zoning Land Use Codes, affecting our Rural Town as well as OUR land. 

We respectfully request that the current zoning laws of the Town of Denning be maintained in this instance, and no variance be granted to allow the construction of said turbine.

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