Let Steven Crowder defend himself on The Young Turks.

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We want Steven Crowder to be let on the TYT program. After years of denying him, lying about him, slandering him and anyone like him, etc, we want The Young Turks to allow Crowder to defend himself and debate Cenk on multiple issues. 

Once this actually happens, a lot of the tensions between TYT and Steven Crowder and his followers will be smoothened. Then the issues at hand can finally be addressed without any bad blood because TYT thought they were "too important" to own up to their mistakes and allow someone with a different viewpoint on their show.  

Remember that time Crowder crashed Cenk's panel in Austin, TX not too long ago? He's only doing that because of Cenk's inability to own up to when he was wrong and allow the problem to be resolved. Newsflash Cenk, that's not how you deal with mistakes because it only makes things worse, deal with it professionally and let Crowder on the program to give him the chance to defend himself. Get it out of the way and let Crowder on.

We all can agree that TYT has gone above and beyond when it comes to manipulating their audience and slandering people, I mean, do I even need to bring up Dinesh? Their blatant hypocrisy and lies have thrown them into the spotlight, especially during this past election cycle, where Steven Crowder's live reaction to one of the TYT members went viral and the people who hate anyone on the right, no matter how idiotic the member's statement was, more people joined. It's time that they act professional and allow someone they slandered again and again on the show to defend themselves and to debate them on why they thought the slandering was justified.