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Dreamers are Americans too

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Giving those who were brought to the U.S as children citizenship.

The U.S is particularly made up of immigrants; since the beginning of time many people have migrated to the U.S for a better life. Yes, we all know there are some who come and do wrong and are up to no good, yet there are some that come to do right and strive to make it as far as they can. Those who come to do right grow and as they grow and create a better life for their family and for loved ones whom they’ve left behind. There are some who even risk their children's life to give them a better future.

Those who were brought illegally to the U.S as children live and grow up doing what any American would, yet they don’t mind putting in the hard work as long as they get to where they should be and create a wonderful future for themselves. Those children are referred to as Dreamers and according to LawLogix these children are referred to as dreamers due to the fact that they are individuals brought to the U.S at an early age without documentation and have acculturated U.S culture and are getting their education by U.S schools. They are also considered dreamers due to the fact that they are part of the Dream Act that helps undocumented children to a better future and allow them to proceed in their education. To be part of this act these children have to be living in the U.S for a certain amount of years, have good moral character, have not violated any immigration laws, and so on.

Therefore, undocumented children deserve the right to gain citizen as they were raised to learn, speak, and live like an american and have caused no wrong nor have broken any laws. I’m not going to say people should be aware of this issue as everyone already knows of it yet they should take into consideration that these children did not have a choice whether or not they wanted to come, yet they are here and are doing nothing but trying to live life and create something for themselves as any other individual would. These children are facing discrimination and other obstacles on a daily basis though they continue to do what is right for them and never give up. These children deserve a chance to live their life without any fear of being judged because they are undocumented, they deserve the right to gain U.S citizenship as they too are Americans.


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