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Free the caged thailand tigers.

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I was on holiday in Thailand. And went to visit the tiger Kingdom and was heart broken to see that in order for me to get the best selfie and picture I had to do it with caged and drugged tigers.  

I come from Kenya where animals are suppose to be in the wild to learn from and respect.  But today's social media pushes us to get the next best picture and I thought not at the cost of the tigers freedom.

So I lost  $200 as I paid to go in and take pictures but my heart did not allow me to do it and do I gained a heart towards gods creatures. 

It's not fair they sit in a cage drugged so we can tare photos.  Let's free these tigers please. Let's give them their rights back.  Let's respect their voice and roar for freedom. Let's become human and free the tigers in tiger Kingdom in Thailand.  

Where is our respect as people if a picture matters more than their freedom. 

Or let's all sit in a cage for a day poked and dragged and drugged for a picture and then decided if you join  my petition.


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