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To stop terrorizing people of the world  especially in Iran

Letter to
Canadian Government's Foriegn Minister Advisor Mr. Shuvaloy Majumdar
Canadian Government Iran Desk Ben Rowswell
Canadian Government Iran Desk Rasta Daei
and 1 other
Canadian Government Iran Desk Hamza Abdulbasit
To: Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada
Copy: All Members of Parliament
Since the election of Rohani, the Islamic Republic’s supporters in Canada have been arduously lobbying for the re-opening of the Iranian Embassy and improved diplomatic relations between the two countries. We the undersigned activists from various organizations who vehemently oppose the Islamic Republic would like to urge the respected government of Canada to continue the severance of diplomatic ties with the despotic regime in Iran and further to refrain from ever re-opening its embassy in Ottawa. We believe that the above actions are legitimate and effective not those economical sanctions which harms mostly people of Iran.
The Islamic Republic’s constitution is based on antiquated seventh century Islamic laws that include, eye gauging, stoning, amputation of hands and feet for theft, routine torture of opposition, executions for minor crimes, gender apartheid, persecution of all minority groups (race or religion) just to name a few. For the last 34 years Iranian citizens have been deprived of all their political and civil rights. Therefore this regime should not be recognized as a government by the respected government of Canada. The recent so called elections prove once again how little choice those inside Iran have. The people do not see the difference between Ahmadinejad, Khatami, Rafsanjani, Rohani or Khamenei. What they know is that the Islamic Republic’s goal is to squash all who oppose it and that the government has become a systematic killer of its citizens regardless of the presidency. Since Canada passed a motion on June 5, 2013 which held the present regime of Iran responsible for crimes against humanity, we would like cordially ask for the following:
• The officials of the Islamic Republic should be prevented from travelling abroad. Most of these officials have a substantial record of crimes against humanity and decades of supporting International acts of terrorism abroad. They should all be brought to justice for crimes against humanity.
• All the embassies of the Islamic Republic are the center for spying on Iranian expatriates who are citizens of their host country. Moreover, these embassies actively support, fund and even recruit terrorists all under the guise of cultural activities. As such all their embassies should be shut down across the globe.
• The government of Canada should not only refrain from reopening the Iranian embassy but should also encourage other countries to do the same by continuing to speak about the gross human rights violations happening inside Iran on a daily basis.

Iranian Communities:

Mothers Against Death Penalty Institution,
Iran Solidarity Branch in Toronto,
International Federation of Iranian Refugees (IFIR) in Canada, Organization in Defense of political prisoners in Iran-Canada (خاوران),
International Committee Against Executions Toronto,

Prominent individual and activists in Canada:

Shabnam Assadollahi: Human Rights Activist
Afshin Jam Afshin: Political and Human rights activist
Fariba Azar: Political and Human rights activist
Babak Yazdi : Political and Human rights activist
Maryam Moazenzadeh: Human Rights and political Activist
Jamal Saberi: Human Rights and political Activist
Homa Farid: Political and Human rights activist
Setareh Sabor: Political and Human rights activist
Jinos Faramarzi: Political and Human rights activist
Hamid Ghorbani: Political and Human rights activist
Arshak Shojai: Political and Human rights activist
Yadi Mahmoodi: Political and Human rights activist
Iraj Rezai: Political and Human rights activist

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