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Support Marriage Equality

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Call it MARRIAGE....... It is NOT Gay Marriage

Nothing about LGBT or Gays having 100% Equality affects you or your
Marriage, whether you are a Man & Woman, Woman & Woman or a Man& Man. Your Marriage is safe and secure unless YOU or your Spouse
Destroy it from within. Gays want you to be happy, married and be in
A loving relationship with your wife or husband and your Children. That is 
WHY we just call it Marriage. YOUR Marriage should be defined BY YOU
And your spouse and ours by us. We are already Friends, Neighbors, Your co-workers, Your physician, Lawyer, Rabbi, Minister, Nuns,Preachers, loyal employee, maybe your Boss. We are your Dentist, your stockbroker, your barber, beautician,the checker at the supermarket, We are your nurse,, your teachers, the garbage collector, Congressperson, Alderwoman, Mayor, The Farmer who grows your food, and raises those chickens and Ribs you  love to BBQ.,.  construction workers, and the men and women dying and being injured in wars to protect your life. we are your parents, grand parents, grandchildren, cousins, aunts, uncles, sisters and Brothers and maybe the five year old playing in your yard right now. We maybe the next policewoman , or TSA worker who pats you Down, or registers you to vote or registers your car or prepares your dinner on your next night out. remember when you turn the T.V. On, the announcer, weather person, the producer  and maybe the sponsor could be LGBT.Many of your favorite stars are, and MANY of those you consider to be your sports heroes. you might even see an old couple in the park and say " how cute" There are many Old men and women that are LGBT who live together for financial reasons. don't assume a thing.The very last person who undresses you and sees it all and prepares you for eternity maybe LGBT and how do you know the " greeters where you're going aren't LGBT ? Certainly the picture some folks conjure up in their imaginations about what the " so called" Heavens and Hells just had to have some Gay set designers ! :)  which of the  people mentioned above has ever hurt you or your family ? have a nice day !

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