sudans freedom

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we as sudanese citizens have for the past 30 years only gone poorer , hungrier , people have lost thier homes , jobs that barely pay , income that buys nothing , money worth almost nothing today the dollar hit 100 sdgs. we live in a terrible area because of the government that isnt allowing anything at first eveyone was okay with abit of inflation but its getting out of hand as people's income is worth 1500 sdg that can buy them nothing as e.g a juice box is 15 sdgs at this exact moment, none can live with such low income, there is no bread to be sold no gasoline there's barely money in the banks. people aren't able to take What's its our right to march so please help us , spread this around let the world know sudan not the country but all whose in is need of your help, we need to merely take away the president and the entire government thats taken away our everything. spread this as muvh as possible we need everyone to know we need to live, the internet is being cut off from many apps so we dont raise awareness. we have been celebrating our " freedom " for almost 56 years from the parliament so please lets celebrate it once again from out government let it be real let us be free.