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Stop bullying

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Hello, my name is Yael Rothman. I'm 4' 10.5", 15 years old, smart, Jewish, and have been bullied and discriminated against way too much.
When I was 7, I started homeschooling because my 2nd grade teacher refused to let me read the books that were at my reading level, insisting that a) I was much too young for them (I had already read the first Harry Potter book by myself), and b) I needed to stay at the level of my class, many of whom were dyslexic, ADHD, or a combination of the two.
When I was 10, I skipped 5th grade to attend a middle school not in my town, which my mother had heard was a great environment with little to no bullying, great teachers, and a principal who got stuff done. This was all true - for half of my first year. Then my "best friend" started bullying me, calling me a lesbian and saying that I was a slut - and then blaming it on another student. Then, in 7th grade, the principal retired and was replaced by a new, less helpful one. The new gym teacher was a poor teacher and rejected IEPs. And the students grew less and less friendly towards the quiet little girl who had skipped a grade, ran circles around them academically, and spent lunch with a book.
Now, in 10th grade, I am back with my age group. And they have said and done unkind things to me and to my friends.
I have been kicked, insulted, and lied to. Other kids have stuck gum down my shirt and in my coat. They have put trash in my lunch bag and stolen my belongings. They have dumped pencil shavings on me and played keepaway with my books. A boy recently told my best friend that "I'd love to go out with you, but I'm allergic to dorks".
This has to stop!
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