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Repeal All Copyright Laws

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Repeal all copyright laws to encourage creative activity, and to promote intellectual advancement throughout the world.
Copyright laws are now stunting intellectual growth, medical and technological innovations, and the transference of information.
This is negatively impacting our Global Infrastructure.
Due to copyright laws we can’t study or mass produce medicines that would safe countless life’s.
Technology that could revolutionize the world are suppressed and over priced from the general population;
even though we have the needed materials to manufacture these goods.
This effects citizens at every level suppressing them from needed references, materials, and suppressing innovation.
Doctors can’t study medicines or acquire equipment needed.
Schools don’t get proper equipment and textbooks.
Industries lack the capabilities to acquire technologies for building innovative systems.
Since Individuals can’t access information to bodies of knowledge, we are unable to assimilate new concepts and ideas from them.
The hindrance of these concepts and ideas, are causing nothing but incomprehensible turmoil within our society.
This is not only affecting the advancement in medical procedures and manufacturing processes, but the development of the human psyche in a positive direction.

This affect while disastrous in all developed nations is even worse in third world countries.

If the U.S. repealed U.S. Code 12, then many others from the World Intellectual Property Organization would repeal their legislation.

This would cause Global advancement in technologies, medicine, science, and historical findings.
As a society are preparedness, response, and recovery to world emergencies would be increased.

The innovative nature of this repeal would inherently increase the intelligence and lifespan of this generation;
to means that would in this contemporary society otherwise be impossible.
With the technological revolution that would ensue, we would be able to expect an increase in careers in all industries.
With the advancement in educational resources available, all industries would also accelerate towards computational automatization.

Under this appeal all textbooks, programs, and blueprints would be free.

This would end wars, decrease poverty, and give our world a better society.

This act would be one the major impacts in creating a world based on peace, equality, and education.

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