Global Petition: Supporting Thai Protesters

Global Petition: Supporting Thai Protesters

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【緊急呼籲:全球聲援泰國抗爭者 呼籲泰國皇室推行政治改革】
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 張崑陽         羅冠聰

【Emergency: Global Support for Thai Protests The Thai Monarch must undergo imminent reforms】

On 16th Oct, over ten thousand protestors rallied in the city center of Bangkok under the banner of pro-democratic reforms. The Thai police force responded with water-cannon trucks in a violent crackdown over peaceful protests. We condemn the Thai Government for its contempt and disrespect of the appeal from the Thai people. We call on the Government to exercise self-restraint and to advance substantial political reforms in lieu of relentless political prosecutions under inhumane laws.

Ever since July, the Student Movement had attracted global scrutiny on Thailand. A country who had upheld a trinity of nation, religion and king since 1932. The Future Forward Party was dissolved by force. Legislators had been disqualified and pro-democracy figures had been forbidden to form political parties. The Government is also suspected of puppeteering the disappearance of dissenting figures, whether or not they are in-exile. We believe that the Thai Government ought to exercise self-restraint on these infringement of rights and liberties as well. We stand in solidarity with Thai protestors, in support of their demands including but not limited to the dissolution of the Parliament, to stop ruling with terror, to release all detainees and to lay down a new constitution.

Universal religious freedom does not serve as a basis for the state to undermine and overturn the essential thoughts of peace and freedom, which are endemic to the Renaissance. The claim by a totalitarian regime based on the divine right to rule can be interpreted as a revival of an obsolete thinking, which should have been left in medieval times. It is no excuse to repress the many freedoms the people are entitled to, as well as their dignity as human beings and the fundamental civil liberties and rights.

A great number of undemocratic authoritarian regimes had survived or sprouted after the third wave of democratization, dating back from the last century. There is indeed a new surge of authoritarian states which devours the values of democracy we hold so dearly. The year of 2019 marks a crusade of peace-loving, democratic protestors risking their all to motivate change, in hope that their homelands will embrace reforms and undergo genuine democratization. The people have spoken, from Hong Kong to Taiwan, to Belarus and many more.

We believe the wind of change is inevitable. Democracy shall prevail over the authoritarian regimes that creep in shadows. We call on every freeman to voice out against tyranny, as of duty and belief.

End the tyranny. Democracy now.

Sunny Cheung      Nathan Law

24,887 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
At 25,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!