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Change the UN to remove Veto rights of countries that support evil regimes

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So as to stop any country that  supports evil, inhumane regimes  from using their Veto right in the UN to block any help to people that the evil regime is oppressing or killing. At present, Feb 2012, both Russia and China are supporting the evil Assad regime of Syria by using their Veto right to block help to the oppressed Syrian people that the other member states of the UN are wanting to give.

 In the future it may be another country or countries that try to do a similar thing in the UN, and so your help in signing this petition may prevent future hardship to peoples all over the world.

Here is the Detail:

We the undersigned demand the removal of the Veto right of any country in the UN that supports evil regimes that attack humanity, whether it is their own people or other peoples.

So as for today, 9 Feb 2012, where Russia and China are supporting the evil Assad regime of Syria, we demand the removal of their Veto right so that they do not block the help effort and support for the suffering people of Syria who have bravely chosen to up rise against injustice and tyranny.

If it is not possible to remove their Veto from the current UN body, we request the formation of a new UN body that enshrines this principle of Veto removal in such cases.

Whether this removal is permanent or temporary can be considered later on, but it is important to at least remove their Veto temporarily so that any blocking to help those in need is prevented. As is currently the case with Russia and China.

We also request this matter to be acted on as quickly as possible to save the lives of the people of Syria. And we request all member states of the UN to help in the formation of this new UN and to become members of it as they did with the old one.

We urge the member states to act quickly on this. And we urge all human beings to sign this petition and to spread it to as many other people so that it can become a global force, so that political pressure is applied to all countries on the earth to create a better UN than at present exists.

And we expect the Western countries which speak of freedom and human rights and which say they are against terrorism to be at the forefront of these requested changes so as to show to the world that they are genuine in what they say.

 Many thanks in advance


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