For Adalaide Byrd to be investigated by all sanctioning bodies.

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On September 16th at the T-Mobile arena, the middleweight championship was contested between Gennady Golovkin and Saul Alvarez. After what was labelled by almost all ringside observers and journalists as a 'close fight', a judge by the name of Adalaide Byrd scored the fight inexplicably out of proportion for Alvarez, with the judge giving 10 rounds to the challenger. This is not the fight time that Byrd has been in the limelight of controversy, and I, on behalf of the fans and various media, would like at the very minimum an explanation by all organisations involved in this bout why and how this occurred, and why a judge who has not had a clean track record was chosen for a fight of such magnitude. The request of the public would be a full investigation with all bodies listed, as we as fans believe that our sport is being mishandled by individuals who purely want to benefit themselves.

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