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Move or get your shit together.

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Moving the Cruise to a large park segregated from local traffic would serve several purposes that are paramount if the Cruise is to harmoniously co-exist with frustrated businesses, workers and residents in the areas flanking M-1.  It would encourage growth of the event in a safe, family friendly environment and would not choke the economy of the area for a whole week in the middle of the busy summer season.

Truly Woodward Ave is the worst location for the Cruise from a civic perspective. There are no true parallel roads to this road, the main economic artery of Oakland county. In fact, practically all alternatives to it, be they East-West or North-South running must cross Woodward at some point, a frustrating adventure that can take upwards of a half an hour during the Cruise. Furthermore, most of the spectators do not wish to patronize local businesses with the exception of their water closets, opting to bring their own food and drink without a means of disposal once these foodstuffs have been processed by their aging bodies. These behaviors are better suited to a park. Rogue on Detroit's west side, Belle Isle on the East side or perhaps any number of Metro Parks if, as their past actions have proven, the Cruisers are too intimated to cross the Detroit border that goes ignored year after year despite it's location just inches from the start of the cruise.

Cruisers who haphazardly park in the surrounding neighborhoods are also a nuisance for the local populace. If for some reason the event must be take place on Woodward, which is truly a preposterous, arrogant and stubborn stance, the State Fairgrounds should be opened up for parking. There is ample space here, already suited to parking without the need to do anything but cut the lawn. The monies collected could either go to Michigan's poorly funded schools or it's even less funded parks and rec fund.  Surely even the most hardened Tea Party Cruisers or spectators could agree to a nominal donation of $5 to the state's children.  The area could also be used as a turnaround for vehicles and buses could deliver patrons to the intersection of their choice so that they may engage in the cerebral activity of watching cars go by on an, otherwise, perfectly good weekend.  

I understand that all people are entitled to the hobby of their choice so long as it is legal but many municipalities have created anti-cruising laws with good reason.  The passage of time does not make the activity anymore legal or charming to those who do not wish to participate. If this event is to continue the particpants owe the citizens affected by their hobby a better organized and planned event.  

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