Ban Ben From The Wonderland News Server

Ban Ben From The Wonderland News Server

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Started by abi the best

hey everyone, im Abi! I am a demigirl lesbian. I would love to let the staff know about someone who has been a bit rude to lesbian and transgender individuals. Ben, or Fiddle_St1cks#7857, has done a lot of things that have upset me, and my fellow lesbian and transgender people. 

If you don't know what i'm talking about; in the Wonderland System News Discord server, a server centered around The Wonderland System Tiktok account, has been letting this behavior slide. Including the mods defending Ben. 

Now let me get on with what ben did. 

First off, AJ, a very popular lesbian among the Wonderland News group, got banned wrongfully by Ben. Ben claimed that AJ said the D slur, even though AJ typed something different. When someone asked what "slur" AJ said, Ben simply said 'lesbian'. Everyone in the server jumped on Ben for this, until Ben claimed it was a typo. Now normally, you might think we are a little stupid for taking this into offense. Personally, I didn't like how he automatically assumed AJ said the D slur because AJ is a lesbian. Some might say how Ben never apologized. This isn't a big factor of why we want Ben banned. Another reason coming up will be a lot stronger. 

Second off, Ben misgendered someone. Now, normally, you apologize and move on. Ben apologized, but it was really half-assed. Ben also laughed when people got mad at him for the half-assed apology. Moderation should be kind and caring to members of the server. They should take what the members of the server say and try to better themselves from it. Some Mods think they have the power just because they have admin. 

Lastly, there was too many people defending Ben. Before we learned the real story on the lesbian drama with ben, most people thought Ben was being serious over banning AJ for saying lesbian. So, most people told moderation that Ben banned someone for being/saying the word lesbian. Moderation defended Ben in this instance. Even though that was proved to be wrong later, Moderation still defended Ben for being lesbiphobic. This isn't okay. 

Thank you for taking your time to read this. Maybe if we get enough signatures, Ben will finally get banned. Credit to the "Lesbian + Trans People Safespace" for helping me make this. 

36 have signed. Let’s get to 50!