Demand the WUSD Board of Trustees take action to combat the Climate Emergency we face

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A coalition of teachers and students have developed a comprehensive Climate Emergency Resolution to be presented to the Windsor Unified School District Board of Trustees on June 30th. This four page legislative document is an imperative first step towards creating the environmentally conscious future we hope to achieve. It lays the necessary foundation for students, staff, and administrators to build off of to achieve this future.  

There are two main parts of this resolution. The first acknowledges that the Windsor Unified School District is experiencing a Climate Emergency and provides scientific studies, other similar legislative reforms, and more reasoning as to why that statement is true. It also acknowledges the intersection between social and environmental injustice. The second part commits the Board of Trustees to a series of actions they must undertake to address the Climate Emergency. Here are some of the actions they would be committing to:

  • Hire a Sustainability Officer to provide oversight on District environmental policy 
  • Significantly reduce District energy and water consumption
  • Seek renewable and clean energy technologies for the District
  • Undertake enhanced waste reduction systems for the District
  • Improve community and student education around climate protection

Modeled after the Oakland Unified School District's Climate Emergency Resolution and the Town of Windsor's Climate Emergency Resolution, the WUSD Resolution would enable schools within the district to obtain the environmental support necessary to unify the district's approach to the protection of our local and surrounding environment. It would further align the Town Council's effort to mitigate our impact on the environment with that of Windsor's schools. 

By signing this petition, you will be partaking in an unprecedented effort towards achieving a more environmentally conscious and sustainable future for our district, our town, and the world.