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The great Selby Lee-Steere has done what should be considered almost impossible and gone back to back in AFL fantasy. However, he has drawn with Shuey’s Shockers. This is where the problem lies.


According to the AFL fantasy terms and conditions, in the event of a draw, the first prize (a car) goes to the person who registered first. Because of this rule, Selby is now pushed into second place because he registered 2 hours after James of Shuey’s Shockers. 


The AFL makes enough money to provide both winners a car. They’ve had a 1 in a billion chance happening of a draw and I feel that the players and the fantasy community should not have to sit by and watch either of these 2 winners of the game get a lesser reward for the win.


The solution is simple, give each winner a car. It’s a drop in the ocean for the afl but will cause a mass exodus of the game if this is what is to be expected in the extremely unlikely event of a draw!