Justice for Michael Boston Jr. and Rashawn Mayes

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On June 3rd, 2020, two young Black men were arrested on false charges.  MIchael Boston Jr. (20) and Rashawn Mayes (19) were accused of "inciting a riot" because they shared a Facebook post about a riot. Although they shared it while discouraging folks not to incite any violence, because they were the only two black men to share this, they were accused of creating this post. This is a clear example of racism. It is appalling that not only did the police departments have ruined the lives of two young men, but KWCH 12 Eyewitness News has falsely cropped the post just to remove the section in which he discouraged folks from rioting. 

Here is an account shared by Rashawn's parents: 
"As some of you may know, our son Ray L Mayes Jr. was arrested last night. The Park City police department showed up at our home, arrested him, and transported him to Wichita to be questioned by Wichita Police Department. He was held in interrogation for approximately 4 hours before being booked into the Sedgwick County jail after being charged with "riot." This charge stems from him sharing a screenshot from someone else's Snapchat, where they threatened to "go to Bel Aire and Park City and Valley Center" to "fuck it all up." My son shared this post because WE LIVE IN PARK CITY! He even captioned his Snapchat post with "stay tf away from Bel Aire and Park City..."
However, they have somehow turned this shared post around on him as if he was the original creator of this post, which is false‼️
I'm not sharing this information for likes or shares, but I am sharing this information for awareness. I refuse to be silent. I refuse to lay down while I watch them attempt to destroy his life with a felony charge.
This 19-year young man just finished his freshman year in college at Langston University, and his future is BRIGHT!
I say all that to say this; please be mindful, please be aware. They will destroy lives by any means necessary. My son just so happened to be the one this time. Next time, it may be your son.
Forgive me for any grammatical or spelling errors as I've not had a piece of sleep in well over 24 hours."

Two young black men, Rashawn Mayes Jr. and Michael Boston Jr., were wrongfully arrested in Park City and were put in jail in Sedgwick County on June 3. The media is reporting that these two gentlemen were trying to incite a riot. However, there is rampant community evidence showing that they were actually trying to PROTECT their community. We, as a community, urge you to do your due diligence in this matter and refuse to press any charges. We also implore you to demand a public apology from Wichita and Park City police departments. Do not delay in your condemnation of this blatant scapegoating of two young black men. DO NOT WAIT until black lives are taken to act.

We want justice. We want all charges dropped, to remove the news story with this racist and insidious slander, and for the police departments and KWCH 12 to provide a public apology for their abhorrent and reputation damaging behavior. 

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