Plastic free Earth �

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The most heart breaking image, this dolphin died of hunger because the plastic bottle ring got stuck in her snout. 

If this image won’t change the way we live, then our future is definitely doomed..! 



This petition doesn’t need just a signature, this needs a significant action.

One sign= One Achievement 

From toe to head, we are surrounded by polythene and plastic products. Aren’t you scared that one day we may be eating those plastics? Millions of non-degradable plastic products and waste have been dumped in our ocean, and in different water bodies, we have got to save our sea animals, our earth.

This is hard to believe but most of the research institutions use plastic Petri dishes and plastic products which are not recyclable. Large amount of plastic products have been used in research industries which can be replaced easily by glass and metal products.

I am putting a request to them that please do not use plastic Petri dishes and plastic products which are not recyclable. Let’s use the re-usable glass Petri dishes and metal products and recyclable Petri dishes.

Big companies have taken initiatives, now we have metal straws, it’s time for us also to participate in the activities of saving our planet �.

Please, this is the time to take action, our planet needs our help. We have got to stop using polythene and plastic products.

If you are signing this petition, free yourself from all the plastics which are not recyclable. Make a promise to yourself that you will not use any non-recyclable plastic products.

A step to save this earth. Spread it to this whole world, let’s save our planet �.

We can and we will save our planet �.

Thankyou for the support.

- The Earth