Free Palestine! End the Occupation!

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I care for Justice. I am against any type of land or country occupation.

The Occupation of Palestine means Unjustice, Oppression, Apartheid, Theft of land, Theft of natural resources, Check-points everywhere, arbitrary Humiliations, Killings, Arrests, Imprisonments, Torture, including thousands and thousands of children, Terror, Demolition of Palestinian homes for no other reason than to force the Palestinian People to flee to other countries where they become refugees, as many did back in 1948, Walls and barbed wire dividing land, properties, families, the lack of any Human Rights whatsoever. The Palestinian People have lived in peace with Christians, Jews, etc. on that land for over 1300 years until the Zionists arrived.

This has been a Cause of mine since I was 12 / 13 years old and I am 67 now. The History of the Middle East would have been completely different if this inhuman Occupation had never happened and the whole World would be a better and safer place to live for all of us.